BG1 Bushes in stock


In the interests of consistently improving customer service, ISB is amplifying its range of products by stocking BG1 bushes. Compared with those with a base structure in bronze (BG2), metal alloy (BG3), cast iron (BG4) or steel (BG5), ISB BG1 bushes are made from a fusion of brass with graphite uniformly distributed over its surface.

The unique nature of this structure increases self-lubrication capabilities, guaranteeing long-term and high performance use over time. Furthermore, its brass composition with increased hardness significantly prolongs resistance to metal fatigue. When working in conditions with heavy loads, high temperatures, low speeds, corrosion or where oil lubrication is problematic, BG1 ISB bushes double their performance both in terms of hardness and of friction resistance when compared to regular bushes.

BG1 ISB bushes are widely used in continuous casting machines, mining machinery, injection printing machines, lifting equipment, as well as naval and metallurgy industries.

As proof of the immense potential of the ISB brand in terms of storage, cylindrical BG1 bushes are available in stock from Ø8 up to Ø160.
The large ISB range does not consist only of BG1 bushes in cylindrical form, but also flanged, washers and plates.