Engineering process & quality system guaranteed by italian supervision

Quality Path

ISB is an entity made up of and structured on precise procedures, goverened by a technical infrastructure for monitoring, as well as specialised personnel. Thanks to our Quality Control the certification process of our products is made with precise evaulation devices: pre-engagement questionnaires, visits to installations, compliance declarations, part sampling, analysis of supporting product documentation. Inbound production lots are checked daily, and supplier performance is monitored monthly. ISB constantly updates statistics relating to company procedures both in relation to technical-logistics-sales performance and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the control instrumentation used for inbound checks in the ISB Bearing China laboratory as well as those in Italy for the certification of samples is managed according to standards laid out by ISO 9001 regulations.

Choosing ISB products means relying on top rate quality, and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that will always meet your expectations.

ISB Quality ISB Quality

Technical Department

The ISB Technical Department has a staff force of 16 people, including expert engineers and qualified technicians.

It is equipped with complete, cutting-edge hardware and software which, together with the expertise of the staff, makes it possible to offer our clients a primary application and engineering support in every field.

On request, the Techincal Department can carry out various analyses: dimensional and geometrical, surface finishings, noise and vibrations, applied simulations, working temperatures, heat treatment and materials, hardness of materals.

Even more important are the applied tests carried out using simulations, in order to give concrete support to the sales team and allow them to give excellent advice on the best product to use, with a view to maintaining pre-established performance standards.