Engineering process & quality system guaranteed by italian supervision

Mechanical processing

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, at the ISB production plants we carry out the following processes:

  • Rolling
  • Raceways grinding
  • Super-finishing

The latest operation before the washing is the demagnetisation of components to make the material neutral to magnetic attraction. This process is carried out in an optimal way, generating a high sliding feature of the material and low noise level. The demagnetisation of the components is critical for the life of the bearing.

The next stage, that is the assembly of the bearings, is also carried out via automatic lines without direct intervention of the operator. Only the cages and the balls are produced out of the plant. ISB products are then prepared for the final testing and compliance stage, which certifies their high quality standards.

Line Anderometer tests are performed on all assembled bearings to check that all the previous steps have been carried out correctly. In addition, in the plant, located in Italy, with the use of the Anderometer and of important instruments, ISB engineers analyse vibration and noise values of each component of the bearing.

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