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ISB rotary tables in the SG series are slewing bearings with special spiral outer gear teeth, housed in a steel casing with a worm gear drive system, which engages the bearing gears. The worm drive is supported by two bearings housed in the casing. The open side of the slewing bearing presents a gap between the casing and the outer ring, closed off by a spring energised seal. The worm gear has a square drive socket for connection with a hydraulic motor or electric motor.
ISB rotary tables in the SG series are "All-in-one" systems, in which all the user needs to do is connect the hydraulic motor. They are particularly convenient when structural compactness is required.
Special technical features
Fine positioning control and the irreversibility of the worm gear engagement when loaded, are factors making ISB SG rotary tables a unique product in the ISB range.

The main applications in which ISB SG rotary tables are used, are:
* solar trackers;
* radars;
* aerial platforms;
* etc.