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NBS needle bearings are comprised of several cylindrical rolling elements, and an outer and/or inner ring. They feature a high load capacity and minimal bulk. Needle bearings without inner ring are mounted directly onto the shaft, using it as a raceway. Needle bearings with inner ring on the other hand must necessarily be used in cases where the shaft cannot be used as a raceway. Finally, needle bearings can be fitted with seals, which allow increased protection against impure external agents.
The rollers are guided by a rigid cage that allows precise control over the movement of the rollers themselves.
Special technical features
NBS needle bearings are supplied with P0 size tolerances and with normal clearance, according to DIN standards.

NBS needle bearings can be used in various applications, including:
* earth moving machinery;
* packaging machinery;
* bottling machinery;
* agricultural machinery;
* gear motors;
* etc.
RNA 49/48
RNA 69
RNA 49..RS
RNA 49..2RS