The ISB brand is synonymous with a range of high-quality products. Production is assigned to a pool of manufacturers that have successfully put to use decades of experience in this sector.
Inside the manufacturing facilities, high-tech, modern machinery is used to monitor all stages of bush production, thereby guaranteeing the precision and quality of finished products.
Manufacturing facilities include Technical Departments responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement and high-quality standard of products. Technical Departments also see to the implementation of technological upgrades to production. Alongside the Technical Departments are Laboratories specialised in assessing the quality of finished products; clients are therefore guaranteed that non-conformant products will not be released for sale. 
Alongside ISB we find the NBS brand, which covers certain types of products, including linear systems and in particular recirculating ball linear guides, linear motion bearings, shafts and shaft bearing units, recirculating ball screws and relative bearing units, precision lock nuts and finally seal rings for sliding bushes.