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SF-1 bushes are produced in a lightweight, compact material with minimum bulk, simplifying shaft assembly. Featuring high-level chemical resistance, SF-1 shafts can be covered or plated with materials resistant against chemically aggressive liquids, gas or solids, through the application of an additional galvanic layer. This type of bush does not require lubrication and its operating temperature is between -195°C and +280°C.
As they do not absorb oil and water, SF-1 bushes have a low expansion  and high conductivity rate, as well as good thermal stability. Furthermore, by using this type of bush, vibrations, noise and pollution are significantly reduced.
Special technical features
SF-1 bushes present good fluidity and a low coefficient of static and dynamic friction (no stick-slip effect). In addition, thanks to the balanced distribution of the load on wide elasto-plastic surfaces, this type of bush has a high load capacity, equal to 140 N/mm2.

ISB SF-1 bushes are used in various applications, for example: 
* hydraulic vehicles;
* automobiles;
* motorcycles;
* agricultural machinery;
* textile machinery;
* printing machinery;
* gymnastics equipment and more;
* etc.
SF-1F flanged
WC SF-1 thrust washers
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