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ISB thrust ball bearings are categorised into: single direction thrust ball bearings and double direction thrust ball bearings. The former are designed to support loads acting in a single direction and to bind the shaft on one side. The latter can withstand axial loads in both directions, and therefore bind the shaft on both sides.
In ISB thrust ball bearings, components can be applied separately, given that the bearings are separable and easy to assemble.
Special technical features
ISB thrust ball bearings are normally manufactured with normal tolerances. The 511 series is manufactured with greater precision, according to classes P5 and P6.

ISB thrust ball bearings are used in various applications, for example:
* agricultural machinery;
* earth moving machinery;
* pumps;
* industrial machinery for cleaning and bottling;
* electric motors;
* fitness machines;
* machining equipment (steel, glass, marble, wood,);
* automatic opening systems;
* etc.

511, 512, 513, 514, 532, 533, 534, 522, 523