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ISB precision balls are made from various materials including chrome steel, carbon steel, copper and nickel-plated steel, stainless steel, in brass, bronze, aluminium and titanium. Furthermore, balls are also available in ceramic, glass, plastic, rubber, CMC.
ISB precision balls comply with the most sophisticated wear resistance standards and are suitable for a broad variety of uses in the precision mechanics sector and for the production of ball bearings.
Special technical features
The broad range of ISB precision balls also includes those made in brass.  These types of balls guarantee excellent resistance against corrosion caused by water in general. Brass has excellent resistance properties against corrosion caused by combustible oils, petrol, butane, benzene and other similar types of oxidising chemical agents. Furthermore, this material has good resistance properties in environments with saline air and water.

ISB precision balls are used in various applications, including:
precision ball bearings;
* automobiles;
* bicycles;
* household appliances;
* machine tools;
* valves;
* pumps;
* casters;
* locks;
* sliding tracks;
* cosmetics;
* ball pens;
* toys;
* chemical, paper, textiles industry;
* etc.
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