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ISB ball transfer units are comprised of a wide diameter precision ball, which rotates over a consistent number of small diameter balls held in a hardened hemispheric cap. 
All ISB ball transfer units are ground, calibrated and hardened to allow the wide diameter ball to rotate freely and directly in any direction, at 360°C. Friction is extremely minimal and movement occurs at a speed of approximately 2 m/s. In this way, extremely heavy loads can be easily moved with minimum force.
Special technical features
ISB ball transfer units with solid hardened box made from a full metal bar, are suitable for use in applications with high-level strain, bumps and heavy loads, guaranteeing a long life. ISB ball transfer units with pressed metal box on the other hand are ideal for lightweight loads in general.

ISB ball transfer units can be used in various applications, including:
* airport loading and unloading equipment;
* sheet metal working machinery;
* hydraulic presses;
* ball tables;
* lifting platforms and equipment;
* mechanical conveyors;
* marble and ceramic working machinery;
* forklifts;
* pallet and container carriers;
* moving walls;
* sliding gates;
* sliding doors and windows;
* robotic equipment;
* electronics and automation in general;
* straddle carriers;
* etc.
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