Spherical plain bearings for earth-moving machinery


ISB widens its range of products with the brand new sealed spherical plain bearings “GEK..XS 2RS”. These items are suitable for low speed applications or when we have to align the shaft and its housing. That is the case of axles or earth-moving machines. ISB spherical plain bearings GEK..XS 2RS are made with the coupling steel/steel and are equipped with seals on both sides. In order to assemble these particular plain bearings it is mandatory to use special fixture springs because it can not be assembled by “interference”.

Spherical plain bearings with steel/steel couplings require a regular lubrication to guarantee long-lasting and good performances. Through this activity residual used lubricant is eliminated and substituted with new one, abrasive residue impurities are expulsed.
The sliding coupling directly influences the temperature that can be reached. ISB spherical plain bearings guarantee good performances between -30°C and +130°C.

ISB GEK..XS 2RS are equipped with double sliding sealing lips made of elastomer and polyester. The external lip’s function is to eliminate impurities that could threaten  bearing’s efficiency and it also protects the inner lip, that keeps the lublication longer.
The applicable load is one of the elements that mainly influence the duration of the spherical plain bearing. A good resistance to surfaces’ wear made ISB GEK..XS 2RS suitable for all those applications or machines with alternate or static loads and also shocks.